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The new YouTube Materials Site is now being created and it will link into my existing YouTube channel.


vscode.pdf has a new edition and addresses configuring VSCode for WebDev and Java, in addition to Python.


Cheating on Word Games was a class given at NCSSM Alumni Weekend 2023 on 14 October 2023. It displays some of the awesome powers of the BASH shell.


BASH for Teachers offers three professional development workshops for teachers (or others) who want to master the command-line interface. This is a skill every serious programmer, developer, or teacher of computing should have.


thisWebsite explains how this website works.


Java Records shows you how to use Java Records to shorten your code when creating data-bearing classes.


Writing equals() shows you how to properly test for equality of objects in Java.


There is a new version of p0.pdf. This weeds out some typos and adds a new look for terminal sessions.

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