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Page News

Older items are periodically dequeued from this list.


Java Records will show you how to use Java Records to shorten your code when creating data-bearing classes.


Writing equals() will show you how to properly test for equality of objects in Java.


The page in beginners → java has been updated for Java 20. There are also new materials in the programming → javafx area.


There is a new version of p0.pdf. This weeds out some typos and adds a new look for terminal sessions.


New items have been added to teaching → web →HTML, including a document tree practice exercise, complete with linked solutions. Under teaching → web → CSS, two labs on inline-block and the box model have been added.


The programs in the skeleton area have all been updated and now have improved documentation and modern Python 3 usage with context managers and f-strings. Get yours today under programming → skeletons.


New items are being added under teaching → The WWW. There is a suite of new HTML exercises.


This site has a new, cleaner and simpler CSS setup. You can download the CSS file pageContent0823.css. This new style sheet will be incrementally rolled out across the site. It now styles a number of outward-facing (non-beta) pages.

To use the Garamond font which appears in the main part of this page, you will need to add this line to your page's header

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