UNIX on the Mac

The Terminal

Windoze users will try to peddle the myth that their machine is a "real computer." Stuff and Nonsense! It's a brick.

brick pic

Your Mac contains a powerful tool that you should be using. It can boost your efficiency and make managing files easier and less time-consuming.

Where is it? It's in Applications/Utilities and it's the terrminal. Go into that folder now and pull the terminal down into your application dock.

What is it? It is a means of interacting with your computer that is programmable, configurable and extensible. It is a powerful tool that can be dangerous if used sloppily. Respect it, like you would respect a chainsaw. Learn to use it well and it can save you tons of work.

chainsaw pic

Go to my YouTube videos on using the terminal. The entire series was created on a Mac.

Get s1A.pdf for written materials that accompany the videos.