Lab Practical 0: Python

Rules You have open access to the Python docs, your notes, the textook the Google. You do not have access to intelligent agents; you cannot ask others for hints or post questions on forums.

You can copy one function at time into another file if you want to work on it by itself. Just copy it back in before submitting.

Grading Here is how it goes.

  1. Get two questions: B-. This indicates basic understanding. The first two are pretty easy.
  2. Get three questions: B. This indicates solid proficency
  3. Get four questions: B+/A- This is what I typically expect. It indicates a firm command of the material.
  4. Get five questions: A. This level means you are doing really well.
  5. Get all 6: A and 'WOW!' This question is doable but requires some serious ingenuity. I only expect a couple of people to get it.

Go after the first two, and you can relax and go for the gold!

Pro Tip Before you begin look at all of the problems. Start with the one you think is easiest.

Shell File Get this and save typing: All methods are stubbed in so you can run this program right off.

Can I write other functions? Yes, you can write other functions as helpers to your responses.