Youtube Materials

General Information

This will contain materials and links ancillary to my YouTube channel. This page was created on 29 November 2023.

This channel deals with topics in programming and mathematics. If you are new to programming, I suggest you install VSCode on your computer; instructions for doing so are in vscode.pdf. This little guide will also show you how to get set up for web development and Python and Java programming.

PDF files on this site are generated from LaTeX source. The site itself is based on PHP and is edited using the vim editor.

If you own a Mac, you might want to consider one of these package managers for installing and updating open-source software. You will also need to install the MacOS command line tools to use them.

If you are using Linux, you should become familiar with your package manager. It can keep your apps up to date and your machine secure.

Package managers make obtaining cool stuff such as compilers and interpreters for a panoply of languages easy to obtain and install. You can use your package manager to install LaTeX to produce mathematical documents.

Sadly, Windoze has no package manager and it's a big reason I am not a fan. Also, it has a rather clunky interface to a UNIX shell, which is an indispensible tool for any developer. PowerShell and CMD just don't cut it; they are toys.

If you are using Mac or Linux, you can learn about the command line from this YouTube playlist. If you are working on a server, the first two videos show you how to get logged in and how to transfer files back and forth. If you are not, start with the third video, which describes the UNIX file system. The document s1A.pdf is a good accompaniment to this video series. If you are serious about programming, learning the command-line interface is essential and it is a highly valued skill by potential employers.


Go to the beginners page for information on installing Python. Make sure you install Python3, because Python2 is at EOL. The vscode.pdf file gives information on setting up VSCode for programning in Python.

This video playlist covers the Python type system in detail.

Python boss statements are statements that alter the path of program execution and which "own" blocks of code. The video linked here covers two types of boss statements: function headers and conditional constructs.


New playlists on HTML/CSS/JS are planned and will be produced using OBS OpenStudio.

Go to the beginners page for information on what to install; this page also has links to a variety of useful resources for learning the HTML/CSS/JavaScript stack. The vscode.pdf file gives information on setting up VSCode for web development.